Saturday, July 8, 2017

How to knit C2C Brioche Stitch and Garter Stitch Baby Blanket with flow...


  1. Hello.. thank you for your video.. I am just wondering if you have this pattern written... I am trying to follow along while I knit with you and I am having issues.. if you don't it's ok.. I will try and watch it a few times to figure it out.. thank you very much­čŹü

    1. I am sorry, Stephanie. I don't have a written pattern for the blanket. That is the reason I made the tutorial to share how it is knit. Actually, it is very easy to knit. If you watch the tutorial couple of times you can knit it. Good luck

  2. Thank you... I will keep watching the video. ­čśŐ

  3. Your beginning is very difficult to follow, you don't seem able to make up your mind as to what you should do next and don't give a count of stitches at the end of each row. Consequently i keep going back to the first 8 rows of garter stitch.